National Organization to
Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation

A Health & Human Rights Organization


It is the privilege, the curse, and ultimately the responsibility of human rights advocates
to illuminate subjects that most people prefer to ignore.

For over 100 years, English-speaking societies, most notably the United States,
have debated the pros and cons of circumcising healthy male children.

In a new era of children’s rights, greater respect for their rights must be accorded.

Circumcision of healthy infants and children is not in their best interests.

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The time to act in the defense of children is now.

If you share this understanding and commitment,

we welcome you to our site.

We encourage you to explore what others

are doing and how you can help.

About the Ribbon

This site is only occasionally updated, but remains valuable for archival purposes and major announcements.
For current news and developments about male genital integrity issues, please visit:

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Circumcision and HIV:
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Doctors Opposing Circumcision:
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Intact News:
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pearl.gif (960 bytes) MGM Bill
pearl.gif (960 bytes) National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers:
pearl.gif (960 bytes) Nurses for the Rights of the Child:

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The Genital Integrity Ribbon

Whether done in the name of family, culture, religion or medicine, genital cutting customs are forced upon normal, healthy children.  When imposed on girls, these customs tend to be as severe, or more so, than those imposed on boys. Boys, however, are six times more likely to be subjected to these genital violations than girls. To express concern for individual rights to one's own body, NOHARMM created The Genital Integrity Ribbon in 1998 from a concept developed in 1996 by the late human rights activist John A. Erickson. 

The colors blue and pink remind us that genital mutilations transcend gender. Although each side is a different color, they are two sides of the same ribbon. Male and female circumcision are also different, but they share many important similarities and are two sides of the same issue - children's rights to bodily integrity and eventual self-determination.

Physical integrity and self-determination are basic and universal rights recognized by numerous international human rights treaties. The Genital Integrity Ribbon is a compassionate expression of solidarity among children's rights advocates, as well as a sign of one's commitment to protecting, for all individuals, these fundamental human rights.

The blue and pink ribbon web image may only be used in conjunction with the text: Genital Integrity.    1998 NOHARMM

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If you don’t understand why circumcision is not in the best interests of children,
please visit these sites for more information.

   Attorneys for the Rights of the Child

   Circumcision Information and Resource Pages

   Circumcision: The Virtual Journal

   Doctors Opposing Circumcision

   Global Survey of Circumcision Harm

   Intact America

   Mothers Against Circumcision

   National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers

   Nurses for the Rights of the Child

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