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Facing Circumcision  Eight Physicians Tell Their Stories
     Restoration in Focus  
Instructional Video for Foreskin Restoration
     They Cut Babies, Don't They?  
One Man's Struggle Against Circumcision
     Whose Body, Whose Rights?   Award-winning documentary seen on PBS!

Circumcision Exposed
Rethinking a Medical and
Cultural Tradition

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NOHARMM Archives

This page contains links to images of materials from the NOHARMM and NORM organizations, as well as the video documentary Whose Body, Whose Rights? They represent materials that were distributed from the early- to mid-1990s and have been uploaded for the sake of posterity and for reference by historians, the media, as well as current and future advocates of children's genital autonomy.


Action Alerts

#7 (1994 August): Contact American Urological Association to document your circumcision harm

#8 (1994 August): Contact Prime Time Live to document your circumcision harm

#9 (1994 August): Contact Your Health Insurer about Medical Non-Necessity of Infant Circumcision

Incredible responses from these insurers:  
Blue Cross of Utah  | Group Health Cooperative of Wisconsin  |  Pacificare of California

#10 (1995 December): Complain to the Federal Trade Commission about the American Academy of Pediatrics brochure

Banner   Infant Circumcision Violates Children's and Men's Rights. Our bodies, Our rights, Our choice!

Booklets  (coming Fall 2020)

American Health Insurers and Contraindicated Surgery: Routine Neonatal Circumcision - A Proposal for Saving Health Care Dollars
Awakenings (original bound report of findings from harm documentation survey, early-1990s). See also published journal article.
Male Circumcision in America: Violating Human Rights (a consciousness raising primer and resource guide)
What Doctors Won't Tell You about Infant Male Circumcision: and probably don't know (a quick reference guide for parents)


And Suddenly Men Began to Scream  |  What are Men Saying About Infant Circumcision?

Bumper Stickers  (9 in. x 2.5 in.)

10 in 10 Babies Oppose Circumcision  |  Circumcision: Sexual Assault (circ photo)  |  Circumcision Takes Away Choice. His!  |  "God designed us. Circumcision is blasphemy" Genital Integrity Not Circumcision  |  Intact Men Make Better Lovers  |  Jews Embracing Wholeness  |  No Excuse for Medical Abuse  |  Circumcised? You CAN Restore!  |  Protect Children's Rights (NOHARMM logo)  |  Say No to Infant Circumcision (NOHARMM logo)  |  Circumcision. A Crying Shame! (circ photo)  |  Whose Body, Whose Rights? (baby photo)

Buttons  (2.75 in. x 1.75 in.)

Genital Mutilation of Children Violates Human Rights  |  No Excuse for Medical Abuse  |  Whose Body, Whose Rights?  |  Infant Circumcision Violates Children's and Men's Rights 

Fliers, Informational Sheets & Order Forms

Appeal for Change by Tim Hammond
California Medical Association Rally (1993 photo essay)
Circumcision Comparison Sheet (male/female)
Circumcision? Some People Think it's a Scream. So does He. (double-sided flyer) - Coming Soon.
Circumcision Exposed (book cover) | Circumcision Exposed (endorsements)
Facing Circumcision: Eight Doctors Tell Their Stories (VHS video case jacket)
Human Genital Mutilation Q&A Sheet
NOHARMM business card (double-sided foldable card)
NOHARMM Fact Sheet
NOHARMM Resources (order form)
Silence = Mutilation (article)
They Cut Babies, Don't They? (video order form)

Logo Artwork  (original artwork for the NOHARMM hands logo)

Newsletters (Progress Reports were eventually renamed to the Health & Human Rights Advocate. Partial summaries of contents below.)

1994 August: My story of ritual abuse | Rally at PCRM | AUA hears men | Stats on Genital Mutilation of Children | Rep. Pat Schroeder recognizes MGM | Field Organizer reports | Health insurance survey | Hospital "site-seeing" | "Awakenings" harm documentation report published 

1995 December:  AIDS Hysteria's Littlest Victims | Whose Body, Whose Rights? premiere | Internet activists strike again |
Nurses of St. Vincent go national | Activism: A good way to channel bad feelings | Diary of an action | Bashing cultural denial | In the Trenches (photo essay of activism) | Ethics and Docs at the AAP Convention

1996 May:  BJU reports: Prepuce is specialized tissue | British men protest ethics violations | Circumcision: A root of misogyny | Meeting with a Congresswoman | Psychology of mutilating others | PBS airs Whose Body, Whose Rights? | Baby boy retires Circumstraint: Arrested in second attempt | Canadian MDs advise: No Circumcision | Strategy Summit successes 

1997 July:  Circumcision in America: 1997 | Misandry: The root of circumcision | International Symposium on Sexual Mutilations (report) | Opponents of male and female genital mutilation explore 'The Common Ground' (a highly recommended interview with Shamis Dirir of the London Black Women's Health Action Project | MDs reminded about human rights | Kids safer in European hospitals than in U.S. | Circumcised youth to sue | Psychological aspects of circumcision | Ask Camille (Paglia) | Being rational about circumcision and Jewish observance | Israeli group rejects circumcision | The Holy Qur'an and Circumcision | Hope for the future (excerpt from 3001: The Final Odyssey by Arthur C. Clark) | On Being a Pioneer (Hanny Lightfoot-Klein) | Laughter males the scalpel go 'round

Posters & Postcards

Body Integrity: A Basic Human Right (poster, 11 in. x 17 in.)  |  Body Integrity: A Basic Human Right (postcard, 4 in. x 6 in.)

Press Coverage

An Expression of Outrage over Circumcision: They Demand Intact Bodies (1994, Philadelphia Inquirer)
The Unkindest Cut of All: The Fight to Halt Routine Infant Circumcisions (1993, Bay Area Reporter)
Photo Montage of Various News Stories
Reclaiming our Sexuality through Foreskin Restoration (workshop in 2000 at Harvey Milk Institute led by Tim Hammond)

T-shirts    Say No to Infant Circumcision  |  Circumcision is a Crying Shame!



Foreballs Restoration Device (promotional sheet)  |  Penile Uncircumcising Device (P.U.D. promotional sheet)
Reclaiming Our Bodies (brochure)  |  Restoration in Focus (video promotional sheet and order form)



Customer Support Letter (informational sheet for buyers on how to best use and promote the video)

Fundraising Form ('...And Suddenly Men Began to Scream' was the original working title for Whose Body, Whose Rights? It was based on a quote from Marilyn Milos of NOCIRC that was used on the original NOHARMM brochure cover)

Media Kit

Photo Stills : Sheet 1   Sheet 2   Sheet 3  |  Press Coverage  |  Summary (biographies, issue background, etc)  |  Synopsis & Acclaim (video content and professional endorsements)  |  Uncle Sam Wants You Circumcised! (image from video)

Order Forms  (for home viewing buyers)  Front  |  Back

VHS Cover (used in the jacket of the VHS case)


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